Solicitor Marketing

We help hundreds of small to medium-sized law firms enhance their presence online. Whether you are looking to improve your position in Google’s rankings, attract more visitors to your website, or convert more of your existing traffic in to actual clients, FindLaw can work with you to achieve your goals.

FindLaw, a Thomson Reuters Business, offers a complete service when it comes to the online marketing of Law Firms – including Website Builds, Mobile Websites and Blogging Services. We offer flexible packages to suit most budgets and needs.

WEBSITE DESIGN – Our award-winning designers will deliver a modern, functional bespoke design that reflects the values and personality of your firm. We follow current best practices that ensure that your website is user-friendly. Alternatively you can choose from one of our many templates.

WEBSITE CONTENT – One of the most important parts of any website is the content. This is what convinces your potential customers that you can help them and that they should call you. Many law firms spend a lot of time writing content that is aimed at their peers rather than their customers. We write the content for you using methods that ensure that your visitors call you and that your content is found and ranked highly by Google and other search engines.

SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMISATION (SEO) – Many SEO companies concentrate solely on keywords and linking; our experience means that we understand there is far more involved than that. Following Google’s best practices, we adopt a holistic approach to making sure that your website is highly visible for the types of searches you are targeting.

TRAFFIC REPORTING – It is important to know whether your marketing efforts are working. We will supply you with a full report of your website’s performance, including Phone Calls and Emails Generated, Visitors, Page Views. We will also help you analyse what search terms are getting visitors to your site and where those visitors are based. We will help you understand how your website is performing and suggest ways to keep on improving it.

ONGOING SUPPORT – We will provide you with an Account Manager who will work with you throughout the life of your website. They are there to help you grow your website, adding content for you free of charge, assisting you in understanding how your website is performing and suggesting constant improvements.

MOBILE SITES – We offer the option of building your site with Responsive Design. This means that your site can be viewed equally well through a Smart Phone, Tablet, Laptop or Desktop PC. Google recommends responsive design rather than separate mobile sites as it means you only have to build traffic and authority on one site rather than two.

ANIMATION – If you would like moving images on your site, we can do this. We use the latest JQuery technology, which means that these images are visible on all browsers and platforms.

BLOGGING – Many law firms would like to have social interaction with their customers, but simply don’t have the time. We can supply you with a user-friendly tool to help you blog quickly and efficiently. We can also offer the service of blogging on your behalf, leaving you to get on with your day-to-day job.

If you would like to find out more about how FindLaw can help your law firm, or you would like us to prepare a free, no-obligation audit of your current website, do give us a call on:

0207 393 7330 or email

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