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When is your next tax credits payment due?

Your tax credits payments are made every week or every four weeks, depending on what you chose when you claimed. If your usual payment day falls on a bank holiday, you'll get your payment earlier than normal.

How to check when your next payment is due

Your award notice tells you the date of your first payment. So you can use this to work out when your next payment is due - depending on how often you're paid.

Another way to find out is to look at your bank statement to check the date when your last payment went into your account.

 Due date  Payment Date
 13 July  10 July
 14 July  13 July 
 3 August  31 July
 4 August  3 August
 31 August  28 August
 25 December  24 December
 28 December  24 December
 29 December  24 December
 30 December  29 December
 1 January  31 December
 4 January  31 December
 5 January  4 January


Bank holiday payment dates for 2015

From time to time, your normal payment day may fall on the same day as a bank holiday. This means you'll get your payment a few days earlier.

It doesn't matter whether you live in England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland. If there's a bank holiday anywhere in the United Kingdom, you'll still get your payment earlier.

The table below tells you which payments will be made early, and when you should get paid.

Tax credit payments
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