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Small Business

Small Business

Welcome to FindLaw's Small Business Centre, which provides in-depth legal information for small businesses and entrepreneurs on a wide range of issues, including employment law, tax law, business planning, health and safety and much more.


ico2Blog: Office of Fair Trading to triple penalties

The Office of Fair Trading (OFT), the body which regulates how UK businesses compete with one another, has announced that companies which flout UK competition law could face penalties of up to 30% of their turnover, reports The Financial Times.

The OFT has announced that it will now calculate penalties based on a company's turnover for the most recent year during which competition laws were breached, and that these will be as much as three times higher than previous maximums.

ico9Community: Business name the same as a song name

Question: I am planning to register a business named after a song. It is not a common word. Is this ok from legal point of view?

Discussion: Copyright does not protect individual names, titles or phrases. Such items may easily be duplicated by coincidence, and are therefore not considered unique or substantial enough to be awarded copyright protection in their own right. Copyright laws are actually very restrictive, and to apply these laws to items that may be duplicated coincidentally, or that may be legitimately used in unrelated instances, (such as a name, title or phrase), makes no sense.

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