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Equal pay and conditions

Women and men are entitled to for work of equal value.

'Pay' includes not only wages/salary but also contractual terms and conditions.

Therefore, even if you pay men and women the same basic pay for the same job, their pay may still be unequal if other benefits, eg a company car and private healthcare, are different for men and women.

Work may be different from that of a colleague of the opposite sex but it can be considered of equal value if it is similar or the same in terms of the demands of the job.

Employees are entitled to request key information from you by asking directly or they can fill in the equal pay questionnaire on the Government Equalities Office website - Opens in a new window. While you are not obliged to provide any information if you choose not to, it can count against you in an employment tribunal, as can giving an evasive reply.

You may be able justify differences in pay as long as you can show that gender was not a factor, eg you could pay more to employees who:

  • work in Greater London where the cost of living is higher
  • you want to retain as you would find it difficult to replace them

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