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Property Law

Property Law

Welcome to FindLaw's Property Law Centre, which provides in-depth legal information on a number of areas, including: buying or selling a freehold or leasehold property; landlord / tenant law; equity release schemes; remortgaging; and planning and environment issues.

Recent legal news

Blog: French travellers block entrance to hospital

A group of French travellers could face legal action from an NHS trust after setting up camp outside a Welsh hospital, preventing hundreds of staff from being able to park at their place of work, reports the BBC.

The Royal Gwent Hospital in Newport is said to be taking legal advice in order to evict the travellers, who have arrived in the local area to attend a family funeral.

Community: Buying land without a solicitor

Question: Is it legal for a buyer to type up their own 'conveyance' letter for a seller to sign and register land as their own at the Land Registry without the use of a solicitor at any stage of the alleged 'sale'?

Discussion: If it's the seller or the buyer then yes they can legally do this. (there was likely to have been a contract before the actual conveyance and that could be void for want of formality / compliance with law [depends on how "clued-up" the contract drafter is] this may have an impact on the validity of the conveyance). If the buyer or seller had someone other than a solicitor / barrister draft / serve papers etc on their behalf this is usually illegal...

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