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Renewing your driving licence at 70 plus

The law does not set an age at which drivers must stop driving and many people aged 70 and over hold driving licences and continue to drive safely. In fact, a survey conducted by RAC Foundation showed that there are currently 4,018,900 fully licensed drivers in the UK aged over 70 (as reported by the BBC). This article answers some frequently asked questions about renewing your driving licence aged 70 and over.

What happens when a driver reaches the age of 70 and their driving licence expires?

When a driver turns 70, they do not have to re-take their driving test. All they are required to do is renew their driving licence. Legally, they must renew their licence every three years thereafter.

How does a driver renew their driving licence after reaching age 70?

A driver can renew their driving licence by completing a renewal application for free, either online or by post.

Photocard licence holders

DVLA will automatically send photocard licence holders a D46P 'Application for renewal of a driving licence' form 90 days before their 70th birthday. The form should be completed and sent to DVLA, enclosing their photocard driving licence and its counterpart.

The D46P form provides guidelines on whether the photograph should be renewed and, if so, the driver will need to include a new passport-style photograph. This is also necessary (in addition to providing original documentation supporting their identity) if the driver has changed their name since their first licence was issued. No fee is payable with this application.

In the event that a driver does not receive the reminder application form, they can obtain form D1 'Application for a driving licence' from the DVLA form online ordering service or the Post Office. However, it is not possible for a driver to renew their photograph using the online service.

Paper licence holders

DVLA will send paper licence holders a D46P form for completion. Paper licence holders will need to enclose a passport-style photograph and original documentation verifying their identity.

Renewal applications can either be sent to DVLA by post or by using the premium checking service (available at selected Post Offices and DVLA offices).

Form D1 can be used if paper licence holders do not receive form D46P through the post.

When can you expect to receive your new driving licence?

Photocard and paper licence holders can expect to receive their new licence within three weeks of DVLA receiving their application.

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