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When disability discrimination can happen

Disability discrimination can happen in different ways. It can happen when:

  • someone is treated worse (in legal terms, ‘less favourably’) than anotherperson in the same situation because they are disabled, or for a reason to dowith their disability; or
  • an organisation does not take steps to remove or reduce the barriers thatdisabled people face.

Discrimination can happen:

  • at work;
  • when buying or using goods, facilities and services;
  • when dealing with a ‘public authority’ (such as your local council or thepolice);
  • at a private club or association;
  • when buying or renting somewhere to live; or
  • at a school or college.

There are laws to protect you from discrimination on many grounds, includingyour:

  • sex;
  • age;
  • religious beliefs;
  • sexual orientation (if you are lesbian or gay); and
  • race or nationality.

This leaflet deals with your rights if you are discriminated against becauseyou are disabled.

You may believe you have been discriminated against for more than one reason.If so, you may need to get advice about the best course of action. You can getadvice from:

  • a trade union;
  • your local advice or law centre;
  • a Citizens Advice Bureau; or a solicitor.

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