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Marriage, Family Law and Divorce

Marriage, Family Law and Divorce

This is FindLaw's Marriage, Family Law and Divorce Centre. This section of the site provides in-depth legal information on a range of family law topics like divorce procedure, care proceedings and adoption, and much more.

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Blog: Leading judge calls for UK couples to be permitted faster divorce

A leading family judge, Sir James Munby, has spoken out in favour of allowing couples to obtain fast divorces at a registry office in fault-free situations, saying that couples should not need the approval of a judge to dissolve their relationships.

Sir James lent his support to the idea that 'fault-free' divorces should be made the sole reason for divorce, allowing couples to quickly end a marriage without either side having to take the legal blame for the breakdown of the relationship.

Community: What is legal in a common law relationship?

Question: If you are a common law spouse is that recognized as being legally next of kin?

Answer: You would not be recognised as "next of kin" unless a written and signed agreement is/was in place (this includes a will).

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