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Employment Law

Employment Law

This is FindLaw's Employment Law Centre, where workers, employees, employers and the self-employed can find in-depth legal information on a number of common employment law issues -- including wrongful dismissal, breach of contract, unfair dismissal, health and safety and how to lodge an employment tribunal claim.

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Blog: Think tank demands fixed-hours employment for zero-hours workers

A leading political 'think tank' has demanded the Government oblige employers using 'zero-hours' contracts to offer workers fixed-hours jobs once they have been in the post for a year, reports The Independent.

The Resolution Foundation is a 'think tank', which formulates policy recommendations for governments and political parties to help them tackle key issues on the political agenda.

Community: Handing in of notice & final pay

Question: I recently left my job and handed in my 2-week notice. I totalled 20 hours holiday being unused. I checked my pay slips today for the last 2 weeks, and found out on both weeks they cut my hours in half and replaced it with holiday pay instead so they could save labour, but meaning I lose out on 20 hours that I worked. How would I go about resolving this?

Discussion: In simple terms you are entitled to be paid in-line with your employment contract for your hours worked AND you are entitled to your holiday pay. Your former employer appears to have made what are called "Illegal Deductions" (There maybe an issue with The National Minimum Wage too - you do not disclose your pay rates). The next step is to explain [to your ex-employer] that you are entitled to your wages and holiday pay (with a warning of an Employment Tribunal if you do not receive full payment).

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