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Crime and Justice

Crime and Justice

You've arrived at FindLaw's Crime and Justice Centre. Here you will find legal articles about criminal law and the criminal justice system, including information on your rights at the police station, what you should do if arrested and how to find a solicitor.


ico2Blog: New 'two strikes' rule for sexual and violent offenders comes into force

The landscape for the sentencing of criminal offenders changed significantly yesterday, after a number of key provisions relating to the sentencing of offenders came into force.

The changes were included in the Legal Aid, Sentencing and Punishment of Offenders Act 2012 and include a new 'two strikes' rule, which effectively hands an automatic life sentence to anyone committed of a second serious sexual or violent offence.

ico9Community: Threatening letter for Libel on google+ review

Question: I dad a bad time with a company when a business I was involved with went into liquidation so I left a negative review on google+. Since then I have received a solicitor's letter threatening legal action if I do not remove the post.

Discussion: If you can prove that your statements are true, or more to the point, if they can't prove that your statements are untrue, you should be fine. Defamation solicitors are very expensive though, so you might be better off just taking it down and avoiding any hassle that might come about. If you really want to stand by your comments, have a chat to a solicitor and see what they think.

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