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Crime and Justice

Crime and Justice

You've arrived at FindLaw's Crime and Justice Centre. Here you will find legal articles about criminal law and the criminal justice system, including information on your rights at the police station, what you should do if arrested and how to find a solicitor.

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Criminal Law: Thousands of domestic abusers avoid criminal records by apologising

It has been found that a large number of domestic abusers are not being given criminal records even after they have carried out acts of domestic violence because they have been allowed to apologise.

These apologies are known as "community resolutions" and have been used more frequently in recent years instead of actual criminal prosecutions. In comparison to figures four years ago, the use of "community resolutions" has more than doubled according to the data provided by 15 of the UK's police forces.

Community: Public urination in London

Question: I was on my way home and, when changing from the bus to tube, I was desperate to pee. I tried the bar nearest to where I was and it was locked, so I ended up urinating in a corner. Nobody could see my genitals, so I'm not worried about public indecency, but this was in Hammersmith and Fulham where they have used EPA 1990 to prosecute people who didn't pay their PND for public urination. I'm getting really worried that I was spotted on CCTV and then being tracked with my Oyster card as I got on the bus and receiving a summons. Is this likely?

Discussion: It is highly unlikely they will have tacked you to a bus, obtained CCTV from the bus, got your identity from your oyster account and will send you a summons under the Environment Protection Act 1990.

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