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Consumer Law

Consumer Law

Welcome to FindLaw's Consumer Law Centre! This section of the site provides in-depth legal information on a number of common consumer law issues, including the Sale of Goods Act, how to return faulty goods, identity fraud and much more.

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Blog: Man wins 16-year legal battle over laptop

A 44-year-old man has won his 16-year battle to clear his name and credit rating after getting a black mark when returning a laptop to the Aberdeen branch of PC World back in 1998, reports the BBC.

Richard Durkin was just 28 years old when he returned a laptop to PC World the day after he had purchased it, after discovering it did not have a built-in modem as he had requested.

Community: Laptop repair

Question: My laptop screen got damaged; I took it to a shop to get it fixed but it came back with a damaged plastic casing and poor quality screen. The shop owner denied any responsibility and refused to give me a refund or replacement. 

Discussion: You have "Statutory Rights". Sale of goods Act / Supply of goods and services Act. If you are unhappy with the quality of parts or level of workmanship you are legally entitled to "Reject" the goods / service. If the retailer / service provider is refusing to allow you to reject their work you can apply to The County Court for an Injunction (a type of Court Order). The injunction would "force" the retailer to abide by the law...

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