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Debt and Bankruptcy

Debt and Bankruptcy

Welcome to FindLaw's Debt and Bankruptcy Centre, where both debtors and creditors can access helpful information and resources. The site contains in-depth legal information on a number of debt issues, including credit ratings, claiming money owed to you, declaring yourself bankrupt and alternatives to bankruptcy such as individual voluntary arrangements and debt relief orders.


ico2Blog: UB40 members declared bankrupt

Despite selling millions of records, going on many worldwide tours and topping international charts, four original members of the reggae band UB40 have been declared bankrupt.

Brian Travers, saxophone, Jimmy Brown, drums, Terence Oswald, trumpet and Norman Hassan, percussion, were declared bankrupt by a judge at Birmingham County Court last week, and have been listed by the Insolvency Service.

ico9Community: Debt time limits

Question: Is there a time period when an old debt becomes void or are they always open?

Answer: This page has some useful information - The Limitation Act 1980| Debt Advice | Payplan The answer is that it depends if they've been in contact with you or not, and if they haven't, is it because you've changed address?

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