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Welcome to FindLaw's Bankruptcy Centre, providing helpful information and resources on bankruptcy for individuals and businesses. Here you will find in-depth legal information on bankruptcy petitions, the cost of bankruptcy, the alternatives to bankruptcy, information for creditors, bankruptcy orders, what happens to your assets, how long bankruptcy lasts and much more.

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    Blog: Government announces new law on payday loans

    The Government has announced new legislation to cap the amount of interest that payday loan companies can charge for short-term loans, reports the BBC.

    Payday loan companies have been in the media spotlight for some time, with the Government threatening to legislate against them unless the industry was able to self-regulate to stamp out bad practice.

    Community: Employment Tribunal settlement

    Question: We took our employers to an Employment Tribunal for wrongful dismissal. After a 4-day hearing they agreed to settle and signed a settlement agreement. They failed to pay within the 28 days claiming cash flow problems, and now are refusing to pay at all. What action can we take?

    Discussion: 1. If the company owns any property (land / buildings) it is possible to seize and sell (forcing eviction) those buildings to recover debt (costs can be added). 

    2. You can apply to have the company shut-down ...

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