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Welcome to FindLaw's Bankruptcy Centre, providing helpful information and resources on bankruptcy for individuals and businesses. Here you will find in-depth legal information on bankruptcy petitions, the cost of bankruptcy, the alternatives to bankruptcy, information for creditors, bankruptcy orders, what happens to your assets, how long bankruptcy lasts and much more.


    ico2Blog: Minimum debt to petition for bankruptcy may rise to £3,000

    A recent review of personal insolvency has led to the Minister for Employment Relations, Consumer and Postal Affairs to propose raising the threshold for debt for which creditors may petition for bankruptcy.

    ico9Community: Insolvency court

    Question: I have had to serve a summary judgement on an individual who refuses to pay back a loan. However, I now have a court date and would like to know what I can expect from the court process since I can't afford a solicitor?

    Discussion: The court may expect you to go over all the documentation you have submitted. Do not rely on the court having all this documentation easily to hand, however – take copies. And if the person who owes you money shows up at the hearing, they will have a chance to defend the claim, and the judge may ask them questions.

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