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Accidents at Work

Accidents at Work

Welcome to FindLaw's Accidents at Work Centre, including practical information and resources for victims of accidents at work and employers. In this section you will see detailed legal information on health and safety regulations, employers liability, compensation you may receive, what type of accidents you can claim for and contesting a claim.

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    Compensation: Welsh workers to take legal action over Phurnacite plant conditions

    More than 300 former employees of British Coal and British Steel are to sue after contracting illnesses that they believe were caused by conditions at the Phurnacite Plant, Abercwmboi, between the 1940s and the 1980s, reports

    The workers and their families believe that diseases, including cancers and respiratory conditions, were caused by the conditions at the Phurnacite Plant.

    Interim Payment For Accident at Work

    I am currently in the process of claiming compensation for an accident at work I had 3.5 yrs ago, the claim is still ongoing and only now are the insurers paying for my treatment, basically 3.5 yrs too late, during this time they have paid me £6,000.00 in interim payments the last being March 2009...

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