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Immigration law: Parliament votes for visa law change to protect foreign domestic workers

The House of Lords has voted for an amendment to the visa law, providing increased protection to overseas domestic workers.

In a commitment to prevent the abuse of foreign domestic workers, the House of Lords has voted in favour of an amendment to anti-trafficking legislation - conferring on overseas domestic workers the right to change their employers.

The amendment to the Modern Slavery Bill, which was carried by 183 votes to 176, meant the government suffered defeat by a narrow margin.

International: South Korean court ruling de-criminalises adultery

The Constitutional Court of South Korea has ruled that adultery is no longer a crime.

The Constitutional Court of South Korea has struck down a law, which criminalised adultery in South Korea for more than 60 years.

This marks the fifth occasion in a quarter of a century that the court has been asked to consider the constitutional standing of 1953 legislation that permitted the imprisonment of unfaithful spouses for up to two years.

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